Roast Locally, Affect Globally.

You can buy a bag of coffee from anyone, anywhere. So why go for Austin Java?

Well, our company believes that viable and successful products should do more than just provide a creature comfort. We believe that the best products are the ones that provide the service that you need, while also taking an active stance on the sustainability of that product. These products should have a positive impact on all of the people that it takes to provide them. From the women owned, staffed, and operated farms we buy our beans from, on one end of the world. To the purposeful efforts we engage in, when it comes to improving the lives of struggling farmers in the third world. We operate as often as possible in direct trade, cut out the middle men, and do all the heavy lifting ourselves. This allows us to build relationships with farmers and co-ops directly. This allows us to ensure that when our coffee touches your lips, not only can you taste its crisp perfection. But you can also feel the joy that we bring to our products, and the joy that we share with our partners.

We are currently in a new era of opportunity, where we are focused on expansion into new regions. Giving us the opportunity to create superior and unique products. While also helping farmers and growers who have not been able to help themselves. Often this comes at a higher price, but our investments into these communities go a long way. Happy plants make for happy coffee. Our relationships with our partners are of the utmost importance; people over profits is a staple of our model. This allows us all of us to grow and prosper, while we bring new and innovative growing and roasting techniques to the rest of the world. In a world were sustainability and responsibility are of crucial importance, we engage in a model that strives for those things.


  • Sustainable Practices

  • Positive Impact

  • Female Roasters

  • Direct Trade

  • Local Approach to a Global Effect

  • Community Involvement Future Oriented